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New Patients


What to expect on your naturopathic first visit:

Your first visit will generally be one hour in length in which your intake form will be reviewed in depth, any pertinent physical exam will be completed, and a discussion about recommended lab work will take place.  If you’ve had recent lab work done through your medical doctor, our naturopathic physicians will most likely discuss the best way to access these labs to round out your medical history.

It is important to us that you understand what is happening in your body – we will spend a significant amount of time educating you and discussing the best options to help you meet your health goals.  A timeline of what to expect will be put in place so you leave feeling confident and optimistic.

Finally, treatment recommendations will be given at this time to start you on your path to wellness.


What to expect on your second naturopathic visit:

Second visits are generally thirty to forty-five minutes in length and the results of any suggestions given during the first visit will be reviewed.  If lab tests were requisitioned during the first visit, these will be discussed with you in depth.  Generally on this second visit, a more thorough discussion of timeline will take place – what health complaints need to be addressed first, how to address them, and a realistic timeframe in which to expect them to resolve.


Subsequent visits:

Follow up visits typically are thirty minutes in length and may occur once to twice a month as we check in on the previous recommendations to assess your progress.  At the end of each visit a detailed treatment plan will be provided to give you guidance going forward.  We continue to act as your health coach – as experts in natural medicine we provide the knowledge and support you need until you achieve all your health goals.

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